Once upon a time, Foodie and Friend realized they needed to do a better job sharing recipes. Rather than emailing recipes and pics back and forth, they decided to start a blog. Mostly to share with each other, but they decided to open it up to the world. See, Foodie has Little Brother, who’s in college, and Friend has a whole slew of younger siblings. What if there were one place where they could look for recipes? Or aunts and uncles? Well, once you get to that point, why not just share with the world? So that’s what they decided to do. Here, you’ll find pics and recipes of what they’re eating and the occasional plug for the things they don’t make themselves.

Each recipe will come with a rating. It’s just as important to avoid bad recipes as it is to find the good ones!

Foodie and Friend thank you for reading, and wish you happy eating ever after!