Gin goes well with limes, but you didn’t need us to tell you that. Gin goes well with peaches, but you knew that from the title. How to make a peachy keen gin fizz? Read on:

1 part gin (I’ve been loving New Amsterdam lately)
1 part peach juice (I used Trader Joe’s peach juice)
2 parts soda water (I used an unsweetened lime seltzer)
1 big twist, lime or lemon
2 ice cubes

1. Add ice to glass
2. Squeeze twist over ice
3. Add gin and peach juice
4. Swizzle. If some doesn’t slosh out of the glass, you’re not having enough fun with it
5. Pour in soda water, swizzle lightly for a more even beverage. Be careful, it’s bubbly!
6. Top with the twist for garnish
7. Enjoy!