The name says it all. Mashed potatoes combined with a bit of milk and horseradish cheddar. Delicious enough to make a surprise snowfall seem a lite warmer, but easy enough to make after a strenuous snowball fight.

4-5 largish red potatoes
1/3 c milk (or half and half, if it’s really cold!)
1/2 c shredded cheese (horseradish cheddar was used in the potatoes above)

1. Dice red potatoes
2. Add potatoes to dry sauce pot
3. Add cold water to potatoes, about an inch above the top of the potatoes
4. Place cover on pot and put over high heat
5. Boil potatoes until very soft (mashable)
6. Drain potatoes, return to pot
7. Add milk and mash
8. After mashing potatoes, add cheese
9. Stir in cheese
10. Enjoy! Shown above with a pat of butter and some ground pepper

Other topping ideas: chives, diced bacon, sour cream, even a bit more of the cheese mashed in